Inner Beauty with The Beauty Chef

Over the past few months I started to suffer from breakouts which appeared more frequently, creating a bumpy texture across my once smooth skin and making me feel self-conscious and hyper aware of my skin at all times. This skin reaction seemed to come out of nowhere, for years my skin had been pretty clear and smooth with only the odd breakout or two.

Feeling completely confused and frustrated, I started by switching out my skin care products, getting regular facials and drinking more water. It seemed to help at first but ultimately the breakouts continued to appear. But maybe topical treatments weren’t the solution, maybe the solution had to come from inside.

That’s when I started to do research – the topic that kept coming up over and over was the link between skin health and gut health, something I never thought I would have an issue with. I live an active and fairly healthy lifestyle, could I really have an unhealthy gut?

The answer is yes. I wondered if some recent stress changed the ‘chemistry’ of my body and although I felt energized and healthy, maybe I actually needed a little extra TLC. The breakouts on my skin were my body’s way of telling me that something wasn’t right and needed attention.

So now what? I made a trip to The Detox Market in Toronto and purchased two products by The Beauty Chef – Glow Inner Beauty Powder and Collagen Inner Beauty Boost. Packed with tons of vitamins and beneficial ingredients, including bio-fermented super foods (a common solution to treating gut health), I started to notice an improvement in my skin within just a few days.

I now consider The Beauty Chef to be a part of my every day beauty routine along with a dairy-free diet and regular shots of turmeric and apple cider vinegar morning and night.

It really is true what they say – beauty starts in the belly.

Shop here – The Detox Market Canada

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 3.26.34 PMPhoto by The Beauty Chef
Please note this is based on my own personal experience trying The Beauty Chef products, results my vary.

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